Our product range includes a range of communication platforms allowing you to increase revenue, improve customer service and become more efficient. Our platforms offer an effective way for your organisation to communicate through voice with simple payment channels to make taking payments easier than ever before.


It's a fact, that making money on the internet is getting harder major search engines dominate the web advertising, more and more sites are being launched making competition even tougher in the jungle of e-commerce to name only some of the challenges. aragon telecom developed several premium rate solutions for e-commerce's to monetize your internet business without relying on advertising.

We provide customized or plug & play solutions to a number of internet portals with a focus on the following industries:

  • Classified ads
  • Real estate sites
  • Car retailers and portals
  • Holiday rentals & travel industry
  • Proximity services

We adopt our budget to your budget.


aragon telecom is providing customized SMS+ solutions especially for TV channels. We develop either SMS+ solutions with back end services or voting for customers survey through text messages.

SMS+ has proven to be a long term revenue.

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