aragon telecom, founded back in 2008, is providing global strategy consulting and interim management, specializing in M&As, restructuring, product innovation and consulting services within the technology, telecommunication and media industries.

aragon telecom provides the following services:

We are a dynamic team of experienced strategy and media consultants who speak our clients' language.


aragon telecom provides also top level strategy and investment consulting to technology, telecommunication and media companies throughout the world. At aragon telecom, we take pride in delivering excellence and satisfaction by focusing on what is relevant: our clients and their customers. aragon telecom aims to work as close to its clients as possible, thereby ensuring the best possible service and outcomes.

At aragon telecom, we know that people have been, are and always will be the key to every success.

This is why based on our Customer Employee Focus (CEF) approach aragon telecom provides its clients with ideal solutions to address their customer needs, while at the same time maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce.

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